Two things to be clear about up front:

  • These guides are all for Quake... not Quake 2 or Quake 3.
  • The vast majority of the info in these guides applies to any Quake installation, not only the stuff you get from Steam. I've just added a few Steam-specific tips to help those folks along.

And a little context:

One of the few places that you can get digital-download versions of the Quake games at a reasonable price is the Steam store. The versions available there are just the same unvarnished program versions that you would get from the original game release and patches... which is not too bad, the games still more or less run acceptably on many systems, but Quake especially ("Quake 1" that is) is kind of creaky and cantankerous and hard to whip into shape.

It made me a little sad to see Quake newbies wander into the Steam forums after every sale, with a litany of problems and disappointment. Fact is, the Quake community has done an incredible amount of work to maintain the game. But information about the community development is hard to track down, and hard to understand if you haven't been soaking in Quake for a decade or more.

So when Steam added support for user-authored game guides, I put a few guides together for Quake topics. These guides still aren't the easiest things to read through — they're more of a reference than a tutorial — but they're a pretty extensive collection of information at this point.

My guides are hosted on the Steam Community pages, but I figured I might as well reflect the content here too. Select a guide from the navigation bar to the right, and have a look.

Note: The guide pages at this site are generated from the same source text as the guide pages on Steam, which requires using a variant of BBCode markup. So the available formatting for info display and organization is pretty bare-bones. Beyond any formatting issues though, if you've got comments about the guide contents please let me know; you can post a comment on the Steam guides, or send me an email.