PlanetQuake Interview

  • anecdotes from server admin days
  • originally published July 9, 1999

My friend Jeff and I were interviewed by PlanetQuake once upon a time, as part of a series (I think?) of interviews/articles about folks who ran Quake servers. When I was reminded of this many years later, I went and had a look at what had saved from that interview... it kind of surprised me with the good "war stories" and little concrete details it has, stuff that I had begun to forget. Obviously this is still purely nostalgia-bait, but if you're in the same boat as me this may tickle some fun memories.

I've copied those three pages from and cleaned them up to re-archive them here. I haven't tried to reconstruct the whole PlanetQuake layout, which would be a) almost impossible (given what's missing/unarchived) and b) just a collection of broken links anyway. So these pages just have the main interview text in the theming and colors of PlanetQuake circa 1999. Dead links have been removed or updated.

In the interview, you'll be hearing from us under our Cool Gamer Handles from back then, with me as "lemurboy" and Jeff as "ahnuld".

>>> OK, got it. On to the interview! <<<