neogeographica.com is a home for possibly-interesting-or-useful things I've made or collected that are related to Quake, Quake 3, and Quake Live. If those games don't float your boat then you won't find much of interest. Otherwise please use the tabs above to reach the main sections of the site!

"Wanted" posters

Some old Quake-related content seems to have managed to completely drop off of the internet. If you happen to be able to get your hands on any of the following things, let me know (contact info at bottom of page):

The Ruins of Oehm (oehm.pk3) : An early custom Q3 map that was popular on some ProMode servers. It vanished when all those Quake-era game-files websites died off.
ClanRing T3 Demos : Any demo from a game marked as "no demo" in this readme file would be a good find.
Ramshackle : A formative review site for Quake DM maps. I'm looking for a complete site archive — existing archives are missing lots of pages and/or pictures.

Last few site changes

An overview of what's been going on around here. Note that for projects hosted on GitHub that have tagged releases, I won't necessarily update the list below for every minor release... you can follow the releases on GitHub if you're interested.

Mar 16 2021 : Various changes to "download links" presentation. Besides cosmetic changes, I've added informative links too, but I think the only truly new things (i.e. not previously available elsewhere) are the map sources for jlctf1 and for my portion of m3amap1.
Mar 10 2021 : First update to the Attic in a while... I've captured a copy of a 1999 PlanetQuake interview that has some good behind-the-scenes anecdotes about our old Quake server kitty1.stanford.edu.
Dec 05 2020 : I've been sitting on this little set of fixes to Omicron Bots for a few months now, might as well put a page up!
Nov 22 2020 : Big 2.0.0 release for the Quake Singleplayer Starter Pack. Quakespasm-Spiked as the bundled engine, a couple dozen new installable addons, new docs, and lots more changes!
Oct 15 2020 : I've tagged the Linux Desktop Integration work as a stable 1.0 release. Along with bugfixes, some recent changes include support for Quake engines that like to store stuff in "userdata" directories, and the option to preview readme files and preview/edit the launch args the first time a given gamedir is launched.
Jul 25 2020 : Added a Chrome extension to the Linux Desktop Integration files (and an accompanying minor update to the quakelaunch script). Check out the demo GIF there for "Optional Chrome browser integration" to see it in action.
Mar 13 2020 : Update for the Quake Singleplayer Starter Pack to bring on board more highly-rated classic stuff (up thru end of 2018 releases now).
Mar 12 2020 : Mention the inclusion of a jlctf3 variant in the Uber Arena mod.