ClanRing Tournament 3 Demos

  • game recordings modified to show unique "player jersies"
  • games played 1997-1998 in ClanRing T3; recordings modified as they were released

ClanRing Tournament 3 was the first big cross-continental Quake tournament in North America, and arguably the peak of Quake tournament competition before QuakeWorld took over as the common way to play. It was a big event if you were into Quake teamplay, but neither client spectating nor video streaming were at the point where many people could watch the games live. So "demos" (game recordings) from each match were released; you could download a demo and then use your own copy of Quake to watch the game.

I'm not sure what originally motivated me to do this, but I decided to tweak these demos to make them a little more watchable. I made some Quake player skin variants so that each player on a team could have a unique jersey number, helmet marking, and highlight color (as in the picture above). As the T3 demos came out, I modified them and released edited versions that would render the players in these unique jersies.

Downloads & Things

• Demos Collection

I didn't try to catch all of the demos from the early rounds, but I did process most of them from the quarterfinals on. Unfortunately I've lost of some those demos in the intervening years, and I can't find either the edited or original versions anywhere on the net now; Quake demos seem to be more likely to disappear than most other kinds of game artifacts. Still I've got a good set of them remaining, so I'm going to capture them here before any more of them vanish. Check the readme for more information about how to play back these demos.

The ClanRing T3 Finals Game page also has a YouTube version of one of these games. It's from the low-ping finals match between Unforgiven & Death Row, and it's one of the few first-person (as opposed to chasecam) recordings from T3.