ClanRing T3 Finals Game

  • ClanRing Tournament 3 low-ping bracket finals
  • game 2, D11-Thresh POV
  • played January 1998; this rendering: September 2013

ClanRing Tournament 3 was the first big cross-continental Quake tournament in North America, and arguably the peak of Quake tournament competition before QuakeWorld took over as the common way to play. It was divided into high-ping and low-ping brackets. The low-ping finalists were Unforgiven (east coast) and Death Row (west coast); they played the finals match at a LAN. This video is game 2 of the match from the POV of Thresh on the Death Row team, with a few additions to make it more watchable; more about those changes below.

(Note that if you watch the video on YouTube rather than embedded here, you can choose to see it in 1280x720 resolution.)


This video was one of those "one thing leads to another" projects.

During the tournament in 1997, as the match demos were released I edited them to put a unique "jersey" (player model skin) on each player, as described on the T3 Demos page. The final match was delayed though, and by the time it eventually happened I was on to other things and didn't do anything with its demos.

When I was recently collecting those edited T3 demos to put them in the Attic section here, I thought it would be nice to finish what I had started (as much as possible) and tackle the demos from the finals. Unfortunately the demos from the high-ping finals are nowhere to be found, game 1 of the low-ping finals is also AWOL, and game 3 is a blowout. Game 2 is a pretty good game though! I like it as a snapshot of pre-QuakeWorld DM3 teamplay. So here it is in video form.

The Unforgiven team:

playerjersey numberhighlight color

The Death Row team:

playerjersey numberhighlight color

(Each player also has the same number of helmet markings as their jersey number.)

It turns out that the unique-jersey idea really is more of a help in a) chasecam demos (it makes it obvious when the camera switches) and b) high resolution demo viewing. In a first-person YouTube video it doesn't seem to add much. As I was fiddling with the video I thought that the main things it was missing, for watchability, were a game countdown timer and a running scoreboard. So I layered those in. I also removed a few message prints from the upper left corner (things like observers entering and leaving the game) but left the usual chat and kill messages intact.

One thing I can't fix is that the YouTube re-encoding of the video is blurrier than I'd like, even in the 720p version. And the original movie file is large enough that I won't host it here for download. But if you get the demo from the T3 Demos page, you can play it back yourself in your preferred Quake engine.