FrikBot X++

  • AI deathmatch "bot" mod for Quake (not QuakeWorld)
  • minor tweak to FrikBot X+, which was a tweak to FrikBot X
  • released January 2013

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So here's the deal: FrikBot X by Ryan Smith is one of the best AI opponents released for Quake. FrikBot X+ is an updated version of FrikBot X as modified by "Igor 9". The changes in FrikBot X+ were quite good, but they inadvertently removed the original FrikBot X capability of automatically cycling through multiple maps. So I added that feature back in. FrikBot X++ is just FrikBot X+ with map cycling.

Note: Using FrikBot can be more than a little confusing. If you'd like to try, you may want to have a look at the "Steam guide" that I've put together on that topic; it's kind of sprawling, but it does have a "quickstart" section and should clear up most of the common problems and questions. It also describes other bot mods that you may want to investigate, especially if you prefer QuakeWorld.

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