• map-measuring mod for Quake 3 & Team Arena
  • released July 2018

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The Surveyor mod is intended to help examine Q3 maps to see what dimensions are used for various structures and surfaces. It allows you to shoot out a red and/or blue beacon that will attach to surfaces in the world. While both beacons are active, a line is drawn between them and the length of the line is shown on your HUD above the crosshair.

The mod also allows a method of beacon placement where you shoot out the red beacon and, when it lands, the blue beacon is immediately fired out from the red beacon's location, directly away from that surface. This is an easy way to measure the distance between facing surfaces such as the walls of a hallway or a ceiling & floor.

A variant of the mod for Team Arena is available below.

If you're interested in the source code: note that the codebase is a fork of ioquake3 with modifications only in "code/game" and "code/cgame". The "modbuild" directory contains the "" script used to compile and package the mod.

Downloads & Things

• Quake 3 Version

• Team Arena Version

• Source (not required)