Omicron Fixup

  • AI deathmatch "bot" mod for Quake (not QuakeWorld)
  • fix minor annoyances in the original Omicron Bots mod
  • released August 2020

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Another little tweak here for a grand old Quake bots mod. Omicron Bots are still a good choice for Quake bots when it comes to DM maps that don't have any explicit waypoint support for other bots mods, as well as being a fun knockaround time in their rocket arena mode. As was the case with FrikBot X+ however, the existing package had a few rough edges that I've smoothed out. This is a really tiny set of changes but you might find them nice to have!

Specifically if you're experiencing lots of console messages telling you that some soundfile "is missing data chunk" and "has zero samples", then you need this update. Also anyone playing the mod on Linux would benefit from some filename fixes in here.

Note: I put together a "Steam guide" about using bot mods (including Omicron) which I've mirrored on this site. It's kind of sprawling, but it does have a "quickstart" section and should clear up most of the common problems and questions. It also describes other bot mods that you may want to investigate, especially if you prefer QuakeWorld.

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