Birdseye Map Overviews

  • Quake 3 map interactive overview generator
  • down for retooling

Birdseye is/was a combination Quake 3 mod and Perl script to generate the interactive map overviews seen in the Threewave Q3CTF manual (cf. jlctf3), the docs for Unofficial Map Pack #1 (cf. jlctf2), and on some of the maps pages of this site.

Authoring web pages has changed a lot since Birdseye was originally written — for example, there was no jQuery back then. Equally importantly, my tolerance for releasing spaghetti code and documentation has decreased since then too (and hopefully I'm better now at not doing that). Birdseye was a big ball of impenetrability to begin with, and the current hacked-up version that I've used for the pages here is even worse, so I've decided to just take the public download offline while I think of what to do with it. I have big ambitions for a rewrite but my day job does kind of hoover up all of my programming juice at the moment.

If by any chance you'd like an overview page generated for a Quake 3 map, drop me a line.