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Steam Setup

• Icons

The custom icons must be placed in your "Steam\tenfoot\resource\images\library\controller\binding_icons" folder. Put the .png image files directly in that folder.

FYI most of the weapon-select icons are by "Ezepov", from a set of custom QuakeWorld HUD graphics. The axe/hammer/laser weapon-select icons are created by me using a fill noise pattern based on Ezepov's icons. (Various other icons by me too.)

• Config Selection

I've made four Quake Singleplayer Complete Steam Controller configurations available to support the combos of two criteria: whether your Quake program supports joystick movement, and whether you like to play with "Invert Mouse" enabled for mouselook.

Joystick movement is discussed in the Quake Setup section. Some Quake programs will have this (XInput gamepad support) and some will not.

As for the "Invert Mouse" consideration... it may seem strange to have different configs for this choice, since Quake already has a menu option to enable mouse-invert. However, changing the Quake menu option will affect both the right touchpad input as well as the gyroscope input. This is probably not what you want; if you are normally a mouse-invert player then you'll only want the touchpad input to be inverted. That's what this config will do for you. So to get the behavior you want, a mouse-invert player should select a Steam Controller config that has mouse-invert, and then leave the Quake menu setting untouched.

Bottom line: make sure to pick the right Steam Controller configuration based on 1) whether you have joystick movement (XInput gamepad) support and 2) whether you like to play using "Invert Mouse".

• Config Adjustments

Once you've applied the config to your Steam Controller, obviously you're free to make any changes you want. These are just suggestions for a few changes you might consider. One thing to keep in mind is that the configuration includes two "action sets" for the gameplay controls: one set with missionpack 1 weapons, and one set without. If you make changes you may want to make those changes to both of the action sets.

  • Gyroscope input for aim adjustment is (IMO) quite handy once you are used to it. But if you tend to move the controller around while playing, you might want to disable the gyroscope by changing its input style to "None".
  • The right touchpad provides a weapon selection wheel when it is mode-shifted. The weapon wheel has a "click to select" activation style; this is because I almost never use the weapon wheel unless I need to double-tap a weapon (e.g. switching between GL and prox grenades in missionpack 1). If on the other hand you use the weapon wheel a lot for normal weapon selection, you may want to change its activation style to "always", so that it selects weapons as soon as your thumb moves over the icon. This makes it harder to double-tap, but that may not be something you care about.
  • For the bumper inputs that select weapons, the difference between "quick tap" and "press" is intentionally small. If you find that you are accidentally executing a "press" when you mean to do "quick tap", you can change the Long Press activator for that bumper so that it waits for a longer time.

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